Fresh meat is what we call our new skaters. Anyone 18+ can become a skating member. Fresh meat go through a series of skills test before they become contact cleared and ready for full scrimmages and games.

How do I become "fresh meat" or get involved with roller derby?

The best way is to come along to one of our training nights which are held every Monday 6-8pm and Wednesday night 6-7pm. If your not to sure about being "Fresh Meat" Come to one of our skate fit sessions mentioned in our 'Events' section. 

What experience do I need to join up?

None at all! We will teach you everything you need to know, we have even had people join up who have never even put on a pair of skates before! Whilst it is an advantage if you at least already know how to skate, it is certainly not essential as we can cater to each individual's ability. 

When and Where do you train?

Monday 6-8pm and Wednesday 6-7pm at the JD Hardie Centre, Cottier Drive South Hedland.

Training costs $10 per session, to be paid on the night.  Please remember to sign in on the JD sign in sheet (front counter) and the NWRD sign in sheet.

What do I need to bring along?

Make sure you wear something comfy and remember to bring all your gear with you - skates, helmet, mouthguard, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, socks, water bottle and cash to pay for the session. We have some club gear and skates available for use, so come and have a go!

How much does it cost?

We offer a couple of sessions for free so you can have a go before committing to anything. After that, you're required to join as a member to ensure you are covered under our insurance. Each training session costs $10 (to be paid on the night) to cover the cost of hiring the venue. The NWRD annual membership fee of $30 goes directly to the club to cover our costs. The annual Skate Australia insurance fee starts at $40 for referees and goes up to $90 for full competitive skaters.  Ask a member about the different levels.

Then there's the cost of your skates and safety gear. The most economical option is to look for second hand skates/gear.  If you're looking for new stuff, you can purchase a fresh meat package which includes everything you need to get rolling. These packs are usually a bit cheaper than buying each item separately. Basic packages start around $350 and go up from there. You are able to borrow our club skates and gear until you get your own, but we do recommend that you get your own gear as soon as possible. 

How long until I'm a full contact cleared player ready to bout?

This varies and depends largely on how much you can commit to training, how fast you pick things up and your ability level when you start out. We focus on learning how to do things safely (for both you and other skaters).  There are different levels of skills training that you will progress through with assessments along the way. On average it takes around 12 weeks (training twice a week) to get through all the basic skills and contact drills and be cleared for contact (which means you can bout), but obviously people progress at different rates, which is fine. We also understand that you may not always be able make it to training due to work or other commitments, and this may mean it takes you a little longer to complete the levels.  

Ok, I have decided I want to join up, what gear will I need?

As mentioned, we have a variety of club safety gear and skates that people can use initially. This may also help you work out which style/ brands you prefer (they all fit a little differently) and what sizes to get.

1. Roller skates - must be the quad style ones, not blades. note: Refs are able to use blades but not players.  There are different styles and each fit differently, so it is recommended you try some on first.

2. Safety Gear - knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard & helmet. This is all mandatory equipment and you cannot skate without it. We do have some mouth guards available for purchase from the club. 


Roller derby can't be played without a team of officials both on skate referees and non skating officials (NSO). referees can skate in either quad skates or inlines and don the black and white striped jersey to become a part of Team Zebra. You start as fresh meat and once you learn the necessary skills move to learning how to boss people around and blow whistles. Non skating officials (NSO) are a much needed part of our club that do not need to be on skates. Our NSO's do various jobs from penalty box timer to scorer or game timer. All members must be 18+