Roller derby is a fast paced women's contact sport played with 2 opposing teams that race around an oval track on roller skates. Each team is made up of 4 Blockers & 1 Jammer (who is the point scorer). The Jammer scores points by legally passing the opposing team members. The Blockers have to assist their Jammer to get through the pack to score, whilst also trying to prevent the opposing Jammer from getting through at the same time (so they are playing both offence & defence simultaneously).


Roller derby is open to all women aged 18 yrs + (and men can join in the fun too by joining 'Team Zebra' as one of our refs). It is currently the world's fastest growing womens' sport.

A game (bout) lasts for 60 mins, which is broken down into a series of "Jams" which each last for a max of 2 mins (but may be called off earlier).

 Check out the video for a brief overview of the sport.


Here are some links to some useful derby sites. Check them out!

WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) - This is rules central! If you want to bout, you need to know the rules and this is where to find all the info you need.

Two Evils - As you may already know, most roller gals adopt a derby name/ persona which they roll with. International roller derby league names are registered on the Two Evils site so there are no duplicates amongst players in top level teams. This may help you pick out your own unique derby name.

Roller Derby Test O Matic - This is a fun way to learn some of those rules. Random questions will appear and you need to select the correct answer. If you get it wrong you will be directed to the relevant section of the rule book for some further reading. 

Lucky Skates - Once you have discovered the awesome that is roller derby you'll need your own gear and this isthe place to find it. Based in Perth Lucky Skates is owned and run by roller derby player who can help you with getting your first set of gear to giving you the right info when you're ready to upgrade.

Chicks in Bowls - For a little bit of skating inspiration check out the Chicks in Bowls site and see some rad chicks carving it up at skate parks.

Lucky Skates
Chicks in Bowls