North West Roller Derby is a not for profit association run by a committee of dedicated volunteers.

Started in 2011 and based in Port Hedland, the league was formed to give the hardworking gals of the Pilbara an alternative sport where they could skate out the weeks frustrations in the rink with like minded women.

The league is made up of a diverse range of everyday women who share a passion for this fun and fast paced sport. We also have some token men in our ranks who help out with our training sessions and form part of our 'Team Zebra' crew (referees). 

New members are always welcome, we cater for all experience levels (including people who have never skated before), and we will provide you with all the necessary training.

For more information or if you would like to get involved, please get in contact with us via the link Contact Us.

Australia Department of Sport & Recreation

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Sport and Recreation, NWRD was able to send some of our referees to Perth to participate in a WFTDA Officiating Clinic. This provided a great opportunity for our refs to learn directly from some of the best International Roller Derby referees around. They gained some valuable skills and knowledge which they now pass on to other members.  They put it all into practice during our training sessions, scrimmages and bouts. This ensures our club is working with the most up to date rules and officiating practices in line with the rest of the roller derby community.

BHP_logo 1.png
BHP Billiton

Thanks to a grant from BHP Billiton, NWRD has been able to purchase a bundle of technology items including a laptop, projector & screen, a digital video camera and assocciated accessories. These items will prove beneficial in many ways including us being able to better promote our club at events and being able to showcase our sport. We will now also have the ability to record bouts and training sessions which is not only great for promotion purposes, but it will prove an essential tool in improving player techniques and building team strategies.

Town of Port Hedland

Thanks to a grant from the Town Of Port Hedland, we have been able to ensure that we could continue to use our training venue at the JD Hardie Centre. The grant covered the cost of the hire fees of the venue for several months. This was a huge benefit to the club as it meant we were still able to continue training and grow our skills, even when we didn't have enough members attending to cover the costs.


Thanks to a grant from Easternwell, NWRD has been able to purchase some new team uniforms. This will help to build our team identity and instil a sense of belonging amongst our members. 

Thanks to Atlas' Helping Hand Grant, NWRD has been able to purchase 10 new sets of skates and safety equipment. This will be a huge benefit to the club in helping to train our future new recruits as part of our fresh meat intakes, which will in turn help to increase our club membership.